Lydia Guild

The Lydia Guild of St. Barnabas Church was originally established in 1986 to assist parishioners who are experiencing hardship or crisis in situations such as acute or chronic illness, hospitalization, recovery from surgery, or bereavement. The Guild also provides assistance to families during more joyful occasions such as the birth or adoption of a child. Guild members respond to an identified need by preparing food, sending a get well, sympathy or congratulatory card, taking flowers, providing visitation, or offering any other caring and compassionate service from which the individual or family may benefit.
The Guild provides: 

  • A grapevine to communicate to others in the parish when members need special care or concern
  • Needed assistance with food or visits
  • Witness to our faith through sharing and caring for others and
  • A sense of family within the congregation

The Guild Coordinator relies on the Rector, the Church office, and Parishioners to learn of situations to which the Lydia Guild may respond. Thus it is very important that the Rector, Church secretary, or Lydia Guild Coordinator be notified whenever circumstances arise wherein the Lydia Guild may offer assistance. If you wish to become involved in the life of the parish by serving in the Guild’s ministry, contact the Rector, Father Michael Murphy.

The Guild takes its name from Lydia of Thyatira, a Gentile woman who converted to Christianity and offered generous hospitality to Paul and others (Acts 16:13-15).

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